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3P’S of Success

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Performance. Players. Power.

The job market in 2009 has been characterized as an ocean of turbulent tides and dangerous waters. For many, it seems like your boat is rising and falling out of control with the ever-changing tide. Now is the time, however, to take control of your career and start conquering your wave. It has often been said that the best offense is a good defense; a good defense starts with excellent performance, strong players and staying power.

 Performance is simply what you do, how you do it and the impression it leaves on others. Are you at the top of your game, or are you simply getting by? Are you going out of your comfort zone to find new opportunities? Taking risks? Stretching yourself? Or, are you sitting back waiting for the world to come to you? In these challenging economic times you must not only be at the head of the pack, but winning the race by a lap. It is vital to understand how these principles apply in the business/corporate world. Your performance in one position may have a cumulative effect on your future. Make every day count and lead with your best foot forward. You must create a culture where every person possible in contact with you is aware and impressed by your excellent performance.

 It is vital that the people in your immediate circle of influence are strong players. Think of yourself as the coach of your own basketball team; the five people who are closest to you are the players. Would you define yourself as the sum of those five people? As you go through life and face different challenges you may need to adjust your starting five. You may quickly learn that sometimes your nearest and dearest friends need to take a seat on the bench. This will help you make room for someone who could help you travel through life and navigate the sometimes-challenging waters to step onto the court. An ideal starting five could include a mentor to share their life-long experiences with you, a career coach to help you reach your short term goals, a peer or two that can understand what you are going through, and/or a mentee that you can help and share your knowledge with. Nonetheless, you will go to the bench understanding that the value of your team players is essential.

 Your staying power is often determined by your quest for knowledge and success. The world we live in is changing at the speed of light. The business world moves just as fast and relies on cutting edge technology. Therefore, you can never let complacency set in or lose your thirst for knowledge. No matter what your area of expertise, there is always something new and exciting to learn. Knowledge is power and power leads to success.

 Though navigating the waters can be challenging, you can prepare yourself to effectively “Conquer the Wave”.

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Welcome to High Tide Empowerment!!

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High Tide Empowerment, LLC  is dedicated to inspiring, enabling, and empowering individuals to accomplish their professional and personal goals, our mission. We pride ourselves in forming an action oriented partnership that concentrates on unlocking the internal potential of our clients that transcends cultural, gender and generational differences. As a result of our intense passion we are firmly committed to providing encouragement, support and superior customer service to our clients as you navigate through this new and exciting time in your life. We believe that image, attitude and work ethics are essential to achieving your professional and personal goals.  Creating a distinct image, having a positive attitude and good work ethic are great foundational steps for success. 

We offer a variety of services, career coaching, motivational speaking, career workshops, and corporate consulting that can be customized to meet your unique need.

 Let us help you, Navigate Your Career!!!




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